OUR MISSION: Partnering with spa businesses to ensure their success by providing innovative and proactive risk management solutions designed exclusively for spas to improve efficiency, reduce risk factors and protect the overall bottom line.

Spas are in the business of creating a relaxing and stress-reducing experience for their clientele.  And yet most spa operators don’t enjoy these same benefits, particularly where liability exposures are concerned.  Spas businesses are rife with safety issues and liability exposures ranging from products liability; tort liabilities including slip & falls, waxing burns, and injectable injuries; and sexual harassment and worker’s compensation claims; and yet most spa operators possess little if any working knowledge on how to actively identify and mitigate risk within their spas. 

SpaSafe Solutions offers products and services specifically designed to enable spa businesses to anticipate and deal with these risks by engaging in a partnership with spas to achieve their risk management goals. SpaSafe Solutions provides proactive safety and risk management solutions, coupled with expert consultation in the development, implementation and monitoring of every facet of the spa's safety and loss control objectives. We help your business achieve these goals by addressing employers’ common businesses objectives, workplace safety, corporate loss control and regulatory compliance challenges.

SpaSafe Solutions software, your spa’s very own Virtual Vault of vital business documents and programs, is designed to manage a spa's entire Risk Management Process, and represents the spa industry’s first and most effective behavior-based safety process, job safety analyses (JSA), tracking employee training, and certificate of insurance (COI) tracking available.

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